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  • Buffer colour coded solution pH 4 (phthalate) Red, for pH measurement. - Fisher

Product Name 

Buffer colour coded solution pH 4 (phthalate) Red


Catalogue Number: J/2825 Expiry Phrase: Use within 2 yrs of opening


Description: Colour coded buffer solution, pH4, red
Grade: Buffer Solution Application:  


Result Name Specification Units
pH @ 20'C >= 3.98 and <= 4.02 pH 


Additional Information: The pH value is determined from the response of a calibrated glass electrode. The pH scale is that defined in BS1647:1984. The glass electrode is calibrated by measuring its response when immersed in reference buffer solutions. Reference buffer solutions are prepared according to the formulations in the British Standard and are traceable to NIST reference material. Stabilised with 10ppm Mercury (II) chloride.